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About FS

With the termination of company Final Salary schemes, retirees will now have to take on more responsibility towards the growth of their post retirement income (final salary) in order to acquire enough funds to support themselves when they decide to finally stop working.

At FinalSalary we are here to guide you with informative article not just on Pensions related news, but on alternative means of building your savings to meet your future requirements.
The popular “Final Salary” scheme, was the golden ticket when you retired. Also known as Defined Benefit scheme it guaranteed a certain payout at retirement, according to a mathematical formula based on your salary and number of years of contribution. Your pension payments are not based on performance of any investment.

Today, funded pension schemes are now coming under pressure from the amount of outgoing payments to current pensioners and lack of profits from investments – liabilities now far greater than available fund, and larger that the value of the companies themselves.

A so called “pension scheme” can be funded or unfunded.

A funded pension is where contributions by employee (and/or yourself) are invested in a fund to meet future payment requirements. There are no guarantees that the return on investment will be enough to meet future pension payments.

An unfunded pension, is where no investments are made and the pension is fully paid by the employer.
As you can guess, an unfunded pension is high risk, as pension payments rely fully on current employees funding those collecting pension payments.

The majority of pensions schemes are of the unfunded nature (or have become so due to high costs and failing investments). Today’s payments (contributions) made by employees are being used to fund current retiree’s. Yes – companies have been spending your hard earned money – and are still in deficit – sounds much like a ponzi scheme. The below table indicate some of the FTSE 250 companies pension liabilities figures against the value of the company itself:

Table of liability of some FTSE 250 companies (as of June 2011, source: JLT Pension Capital Strategies):

  • Invensys – £5.5bn, Market value: £2.6bn, Pension Liability: £5.5bn
  • First Group – Market value: £1.6bn, Pension Liability: £3.5bn
  • Premier Foods – Market value: £0.456bn (£456m), Pension Liability: £3.1bn
  • Phoenix Group – Market value: £1.04bn, Pension Liability: £3.0bn

FinalSalary is here to educate you the public on various topics that will help you manage, maintain and build up your savings. If you are looking for alternative approach to providing for your future wealth, Final Salary is the place to start.

You never know what the world may be like in 30 years time – so the time to act is now.

Be sure to read through the Final Salary introductory articles to quickly get up to speed on this important topic.

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The securities and investments discussed within this website is for information purposes only.

Final Salary aims to help you make the most of your long term savings investments. Although we offer information and suggestions on how to do this, the power to act on this information and the responsibility of doing so lies with you. This disclaimer protects you as much as it does ourselves.

All information contained within this web site is obtained from sources believed to be accurate and reliable. While all information presented is believed to be accurate and reliable, it is prepared “without audit” unless otherwise identified as audited financial information. Due to the possibility of human or mechanical error as well as other factors, this information is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind and Final Salary Limited makes no representation, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or timeliness of this information, and is not responsible for any loss or damages incurred by parties using this information.

FinalSalary will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by a reader’s reliance on information obtained from our website, or from anywhere linked to from our website. We strongly caution you not to rely on the information you find here to inform your decisions – rather, use it as a starting point for doing your own independent research. Then you must decide for yourself the accuracy and merits of the information that has been shared.

Final Salary Limited are an “information only” financial service provider.

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