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Fantasy Fund 2015 – Week 6 Results (14 Feb)

| February 24, 2015

Fantasy Fund 2015


Performance figures after 6 weeks our investments have been allocated – 14th February 2015.

Market Comments
  • This week there saw concerns regarding the Greek debt situation (repayment of borrowed money) – they managed to secure a 4 month extension which gave the markets an uplift before market close. Although a Euro related issue, the news also drove US market to new highs on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) index

  • Fidelity portfolio managed to gain the most in the week having been a lagging portfolio for some time

  • We are into the realms of 5% returns within 3 portfolios. The portfolios registered +5.54%, +5.30%, +5.85% percentage returns – 2015 has indeed started very strongly despite all the market worries

  • Standard Life – Corporate Bond fund has lost a lots of its gains. We will look into possibly switching into another fund




Aviva Pension Portfolio

Total Value (£10599.50)

Week 6


Fund Profit/Loss(£) Percentage(%)
Aviva Artemis Global Growth Pn S6 £108.40 4.82%
Aviva AXA Framlington Biotech Pn S6 £96.42 9.66%
Aviva AXA Framlington Health Pn S6 £172.75 6.06%
Aviva BlackRock Aquila US Equity Index Tracker Pn S6 £81.96 3.64%
Aviva Schroder Global Equity Income Pn S6 £127.56 5.67%
Total/Overall(%) £587.09 5.54%


Axa Pension Portfolio

Total Value (£10599.85)

Week 6


Fund Profit/Loss(£) Percentage(%)
AXA Wealth Aquila Connect US Equity Index Pn S4 £105.25 3.51%
AXA Wealth AXA Framlington Biotech Pn £93.72 9.35%
AXA Wealth AXA Framlington Health Pn S4 £209.10 5.81%
AXA Wealth Schroder Global Equity Income Pn S4 £154.12 5.14%
Total/Overall(%) £562.19 5.30%


Fidelity Pension Portfolio

Total Value (£10595.47)

Week 6


Fund Profit/Loss(£) Percentage(%)
Fidelity European Equity Pn Cl4 £225.78 6.78%
Fidelity Global Special Situations Pn Cl4 £164.01 4.92%
Fidelity North American Equity Pn Cl4 £134.72 3.43%
Total/Overall(%) £524.51 4.95%


FriendsLife Pension Portfolio

Total Value (£10598.78)

Week 6


Fund Profit/Loss(£) Percentage(%)
FL AXA Framlington Health Pn £153.34 5.38%
FL BlackRock US Equity Index (Aquila C) Pn £81.91 3.64%
FL Invesco Perpetual High Income Pn £131.18 5.83%
FL JPM Japan Pn £198.65 8.83%
FL Old Mutual UK Mid Cap Pn £55.1 5.51%
Total/Overall(%) £620.18 5.85%


StandardLife Pension Portfolio

Total Value (£10598.94)

Week 6


Fund Profit/Loss(£) Percentage(%)
SL BlackRock Aquila Connect Over 15 Year Corporate Bond Pn S4 £47.79 1.91%
Stan Life Investec Global Strategic Equity Pn S3 £127.31 5.09%
Stan Life Aberdeen Property Share Pn S3 £156.38 5.59%
Stan Life Schroder US Mid Cap Pn S3 £105.5 3.77%
Total/Overall(%) £436.99 4.12%

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