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Initial Fund Selection for 2015

| February 5, 2015

The main aim of the FinalSalary Fantasy Fund is to demonstrate that there are returns available in the marketplace.

Below you will find a list of the funds that were chosen on the 2nd of January 2015 to start the Fantasy Fund. These have been picked from the investment funds available from each of fund providers – Aviva, Axa, Fidelity, FriendsLife and StandardLife

As a result of the research we have undertaken throughout 2014 and the ability it has given us to understand where the economy sits and may be heading, we have picked out the investment funds which most reflect our view of the forth coming investment environment in 2015. We have followed a similar investment theme for each investment fund provider.

In addition to our investment themes, we have also picked some outlier investment funds – these are funds we expect to do extremely well or otherwise lag behind all others – and in such case, we have not fully allocated an equal amount of money to these chosen funds.

We will be posting weekly result of these investments.

Investment Themes

Income Fund
Income funds are driven mainly by their attribute to provide a return based on dividend payments in addition to capital growth. Constituent stocks are usually large cap companies known for reliable income payments. Income funds provide a steady return, and is more of a safety net than a reach for ultra high returns.

Mainly driven by the fact there are upcoming UK and US elections, it is usually Health and Social care that is at the center of most candidates political policies and tends to receive additional government funding and investment. Healthcare is also known as a defensive investment, as products produced by companies in this sector are often essential to mankind. During economic downturns, people still require medical aid.

US Equity
The US economy and currency is the most stable economy at the moment given that Europe and Japan are experiencing economic worries with deflation. Japan and Europe are expected to further expand their money supply in order to increase spending in their economy by way of reducing the value of their currency. In order to protect wealth, investors will most likely place their money in the US market where the US Dollar currency is very stable.

European Equity
The current readings of deflation in Europe makes it highly likely that European Central Bank will begin a round of quantitative easing. Hence some exposure to Europe should provide a positive gain in 2015. When a currency is devalued, it makes it cheaper for foreigners to buy. So those countries that export goods will find an improved economy due to higher foreign goods purchases.

Outlier Investment Themes

In addition to Healthcare, biotech is the use of technology in Health. Governments are experiencing higher cost burdens for patient care, and in that case biotech, as well as being a good performer in 2014, should also continue in 2015

Japan has been undergoing Quantitative Easing (QE). Although the main index (Nikkei 225) has fluctuated over the past 2 years, it is now approaching its former highs. We believe the central bank has learned from its mistake of introducing a VAT tax hike in the midst of executing its QE measures, which undone all the previous QE efforts. In order to get out of its deflationary environment – QE will need to proceed unhindered.

With central banks devaluing currencies, one of the safest investments in which to place one cash is in an illiquid, income producing asset. Property meets this need. We expect property funds to perform well as the influx of foreign buyers continue to purchase high value assets as a means to protect their wealth.

Initial Investment Fund Selection

Aviva Artemis Global Growth
Aviva AXA Framlington Biotech
Aviva AXA Framlington Health
Aviva BlackRock Aquila US Equity Index Tracker
Aviva Schroder Global Equity Income
AXA Wealth Aquila Connect US Equity Index Pn S4
AXA Wealth AXA Framlington Biotech Pn
AXA Wealth AXA Framlington Health Pn S4
AXA Wealth Schroder Global Equity Income Pn S4
Fidelity European Equity Pn Cl4
Fidelity Global Special Situations Pn Cl4
Fidelity North American Equity Pn Cl4
FL AXA Framlington Health Pn
FL BlackRock US Equity Index (Aquila C) Pn
FL Invesco Perpetual High Income Pn
FL JPM Japan Pn
FL Old Mutual UK Mid Cap Pn
SL BlackRock Aquila Connect Over 15 Year Corporate Bond Pn S4
Stan Life Aberdeen Property Share Pn S3
Stan Life Investec Global Strategic Equity Pn S3
Stan Life Schroder US Mid Cap Pn S3

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